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This site has not been updated since 31 Dec. 2014 – newer content is only available on our actual site www.kes.info.

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<kes> online is the web site of <kes> – The Information Security Journal. The <kes> is intended for Austrian, Swiss and German IT Security specialists and managers responsible for the safety and security of computer systems and networks as well as telecommunications installations.

The magazine covers all security-related aspects ranging from the practice of encryption to the generation of security policies and audits on professional levels. The <kes> presents, in addition, applicable legislation and standards and keeps an eye on new products and technological advances. The business news column provides information on company mergers, joint co-operative efforts and the most sucessful business ventures. Comparative reviews and market surveys help readers to find the proper hardware/software products and qualified services.

The <kes> includes a section with official releases by the [external link] Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI, Federal Office for Information Security), a public authority supporting other governmental institutions with advice on IT security. The BSI is Germany's authority for Common Criteria and ITSEC Certificates. German IT certificates are officially published in the <kes>. Furthermore BSI experts contribute articles to the <kes> regularly.

Presently the <kes> and <kes> online are only available in German language. A short version of our Media Kit is also available in English.

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